About Us

Purple Lime is a non-profit organization dedicated to the creation of economic self-sufficiency in youth, in particular young women, through access to relevant education and the establishment of dignified income opportunities. Our mission manifests in our fundamental belief that every person has the right to have access to applicable education that assists in acquiring applicable skills for entry into the job market or business creation.

Purple Lime offers a wide array of quality workshops in an environment that encourages and supports individual growth needs. A combination of personal development skills which includes social, communication and emotional intelligence quotients, among others, as well as business management skills including financial, administrative and digital, enable people to navigate their environment and achieve their goals with complementing hard skills.

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    Our vision is a better life and sustainable future without stigma and gender based constraints, where all are measured only by their own abilities!

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    It is our mission to create economic self-sufficiency among youth, in particular young women, by instilling fundamental skills through access to relevant education so as to unleash their entrepreneurial capacity through a process of self-empowerment and establishing sustainable income opportunities.

Management And Team

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    We support the most vulnerable
    Individuals living in poverty | Youth with disabilities | Marginalised woman | Disadvantaged youth

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    We analyse each beneficiary’s developmental needs then jointly tailor a programme of practical skills establishment, personal development tutoring, as well as business establishment and management training including financial and technical.
    These could include
    Personal Development workshops | Leadership and Management Programmes | Business establishment guidance | Business management support

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    We remain involved in each beneficiary’s development through extended mentorships and coaching strategies with guided support programs tailored for their individual growth needs.

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    We engage in community education programs to promote a better understanding of the developmental and empowerment challenges faced and we engage corporate structures to secure involvement with youth entrepreneurial development and support initiatives.

2021 In Focus

Purple Lime has the completion of 5 projects earmarked for 2021. Each of these projects has or will have its own lead team dedicated to establishment and operational control. A clear distinction is made between physical and virtual focus and where applicable, a strong cross functioning is encouraged in so far as projects standing in support of one another.