Mar 28, 2021

Keep On Creating

Marlene, in her capacity as Empower DIY operator, gives us a rundown on Creative Quarter activities during lockdown

To my creative tribe

Nothing beats the thrill of watching someone transform as they create something new and beautiful. There is a sense of accomplishment and pride that comes with learning a new skill and unleashing your creativity.

Hosting and teaching workshops is, for me, about watching this transformation and engaging with people on a creative level. I worked with a lovely lady in South Africa who told me that she felt as if she had finally found her tribe, and this really resonated with me as I feel this connection to the people I teach and collaborate with.

The lockdown has unfortunately robbed us of this ability to interact with our tribes, but technology is fortunately, in a small way, bridged this gap. I still prefer being in a workshop with people but during these times we must do the best we can with what we have available.

Learning a new skill and doing something creative is a fantastic way to boost your confidence and keep your mind focused and positive. During these uncertain times we are all burdened with stress and worries and so we need an escape. I have been hosting some workshops via zoom, which is definitely something new but an interesting learning curve for me. We have thus far upholstered a Storage Ottoman and rewired and repaired two old lamps. I have also published some short videos on how to do basic repairs to everyday clothing items that we have in our wardrobes. These are simple mending tutorials and cover items like sewing on a button, sewing in a hem, or repairing a seam. Please visit our social media to follow these posts.

Lockdown is maybe preventing you from getting all the materials you would need so you could participate in the actual build, but please join in any case as I would love having you around. If nothing else, joining in will help you prepare yourself mentally for the next time we get to meet in the workshop and at least, if only for a short while, give you something positive to focus on. 

I am looking forward to welcoming you all to the Creative Quarter and to once again having chats about all things creative. Until then!

Never stop creating!