Great Support Brings Great Benefit

Purple Lime cannot survive without the gracious assistance of our partners, sponsors and patrons. From the absolutely open hearted giving of some of our major donors to the boundless care taken by our advisors we so depend on to ensure the utmost care of support to each and every beneficiary in the Purple Lime family.

We thank each of them for the support and ask that each and every stakeholder we deal with at least consider them when selecting a provider of relevant services.

We have taken care in duly selecting our partners and within services they render to us, we will vouch for them. We can however not take responsibility for any relationship you are selecting and encourage you to do your own due diligence when selecting a service provider.

Please find below a list of our Partners. Please note that this is not at all an exhaustive list as many of our Partners duly select anonymity which we will honour within our power and within the laws duly guiding us.

Our Partners

Our Partners benefit from regular interaction with one another. Such events have proven to be greatly beneficial to Partners as a network of like minded individuals and organisations and a fantastic source of valuable new relationships. These networking events are closed and attendance is by invitation only. A complete list of Partners, bar those requesting strict anonymity, will only be made available to participating Partners.

  • Temple Group – Legal and advisory
  • MYP – web and hosting services

Featured Partners and Patrons?

Every month we feature some of our Partners and Patrons, their services, their selfless contributions and special offers proposed to our community. Come visit regularly to make sure you don’t miss out!

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Patron offers!

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