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General Terms Of Use For https://www.purpleLime.org

March 2021 Version
By accessing the “Purple Lime Portal” (https://www.PurpleLime.org ), you accept legal responsibility for the below conditions.

If you do not wish to be legally bound by these conditions, do not use and/or access the “Purple Lime Portal.”

The “Purple Lime Portal” is developed by MYP Online Marketing for Purple Lime. The legal contact and legal representative for the “Purple Lime Portal” is the Purple Lime NPC Ltd in Mauritius and the Purple Lime Foundation NPC in South Africa.

Purpose and definitions

The purpose of the present General Terms of Use, hereinafter referred to as “GTU,” is to outline the details for the available services on the “Purple Lime Portal,” hereinafter referred to as “Service” and the terms of use of the Service for all who use the “Purple Lime Portal” or one of the services driven by the “Service,” hereinafter referred to as “User.”

The term “Member” refers to a User who is identified on the website as a Member of the Purple Lime NPC (as required by the Articles of Association of the Purple Lime NPC Ltd).

The term “Registered User” refers to a User identified on the “Service.”

The term “Username” collects the information needed to identify a User on the “Service” in order to gain access to areas reserved for Members and Registered Users.

The term “Visitor” refers to a non-identified person on the “Service” who posts comments on articles published on the “Service.”

The term “User Content” means and refers to all data transmitted by a User and a Visitor in and on the Service.

The term “Purple Lime” refers to Purple Lime NPC Ltd, The Purple Lime Foundation NPC or The Purple Lime Portal and the context may dictate.


The “Purple Lime” portal is developed by Purple Lime and aims to increase awareness, inform and take action in order to make education and empowerment of disadvantaged youth a reality.

It is a place that allows sharing between Members and Registered Users so that they may stay informed and publish articles and comments on topics related to youth education and empowerment.

It is a discussion board that allows Members, Registered Users and Visitors to react to suggested topics by posting comments on articles.

Be advised that the information presented on this website does not necessarily reflect the official position of Purple Lime.  This information may include testimonials, advice, collaborator and internet users’ opinions which is personal.

Access to the Service

Compliance between User Content and the GTU is not guaranteed by Purple Lime and as such, access to the Service is not recommended for minors under the age of 18. Parental consent is required for children under the age of 13.

Access to the Service is free. However, all costs associated with access to the Service (material costs, software, Internet access etc.) are the User’s responsibility. The User alone is responsible for the proper functioning of his computer equipment and for access to the Internet.

Purple Lime reserves the right to refuse, restrict, suspend or cut off access to the Service, unilaterally, without reason or advance notice, to any User who does not abide by the GTU and/or the Ethical Charter of Purple Lime.

Certain sections and functions of the Service are reserved for Members and/or Registered Users after identification as such.

Purple Lime is under no obligation to guarantee access to the Service and cannot be held responsible for System malfunction.

Purple Lime can interrupt, cut off, suspend or modify access to all or part of the Service, without advance warning or explanation.  In addition, interruption of the Service does not give rise to any obligation or right to compensation.As a Registered User and/or Member using the Service, you agree to be the recipient of emails from Purple Lime, Purple Lime NPC Ltd or Purple Lime Foundation NPC that include information and updates about the utilization of the Service as well as the activities or projects of Purple Lime. At any time you may decide to stop receiving these emails by writing to opt-out@purplelime.org .

Personal Data

Purple Lime respects your right to privacy. Your personal data is only used for administrative purposes at Purple Lime and for the Service’s internal administration or further detailed in the separate privacy policy.

Preservation of data

The IP address of all messages is recorded in our data bank to aid in reinforcing the GTU. As a User, you agree to have any information you have entered being stored in our data bank.

Purple Lime nor any of its service providers shall be held responsible for any hacking attempt that may lead to the data being compromised.

Your own personal data on the Service are protected by the data protection laws in Mauritius and South Africa. Information other than your username, password and email address that are required by the Service during the registration process is mandatory or optional, at the discretion of Purple Lime.

It is not recommended to use the same password on multiple Internet websites.  Your password is your means of access to your account on the Service, therefore be sure to keep it safe.  Under no circumstances can anyone affiliated with Purple Lime, the Service or a third party legally ask for your password.  If you forget your account password, you can use the “Forgot your password?” function provided by the Service.  This procedure will ask you to confirm your identity and email address.  The Service will then create a new password so that you can access your account.

The User agrees to maintain the confidentiality of the password and not reveal it under any circumstances.  The User uses his username and password on the internet at his own risk.  It is the User’s responsibility to take all necessary measures to protect his data from harm.

Purple Lime cannot be held responsible for damages resulting from the transmission of personal data on the Service, including the user’s username and/or password.

If you simply wish to access your personal data or to modify it, you can access your user space on the Service.

Data integrity

By using the Service, you agree to provide true and accurate information, as defined in the registration process for the Service. You agree to regularly maintain and update this Registration data.

In the event that you give information that is false and/or inaccurate, Purple Lime has the right to suspend or deny you access to all or part of the Service.

Data collection

By using the Service, your information is collected in two different ways.

First, in browsing on the Service, the Service creates a certain number of cookies, which are small text files that are stored in the temporary files of your Internet browser on your computer.  The first two cookies hold only user identification and an anonymous session identification, which are automatically assigned to you.  A third cookie is created as you browse topics located on the Service. It gathers information on the topics you have visited in order to provide you with a better User experience.

Cookies external to the Service can be created when you browse the Service, even though these are out of the reach of the document which is only meant to cover the pages created by the Service. The second way in which we collect information is by saving information that you send us. This can be but is not limited to: User publications, registration on the Service and messages that you send after registration and when connected to the Service.

Publications on the Service

User responsibility and publication content

You agree not to publish any material that is abusive, obscene, vulgar, libellous, shocking, threatening, pornographic or of any kind that could violate the laws of your country, the laws of Mauritius, South Africa, International Law, the GTU and the Ethical Charter of the Purple Lime Foundation or Purple Lime NPC.

By publishing a User Content (an article, a comment, a link, a video etc.) you acknowledge in particular that:

– you are fully aware that the content can be freely read by everyone;

– you agree that the content which you publish conforms with the laws in your country, Mauritius, South Africa, International Law, the GTU and the Ethical Charter of the Purple Lime Foundation and Purple Lime NPC.

– you agree to accept responsibility for the content that you publish and for the content for the webpages to which you provide links;

– you accept that the User Content is moderated unconditionally, without explanation or advanced warning;

-you ensure that your User Content follows copyright laws and the set of International Laws on Intellectual Property;

-the User is the only one responsible for the User Content and Purple Lime cannot be held liable under any circumstances, on any ground whatsoever;

-you are responsible for the truthfulness of all the information you put on the Service;

– the possible falsification of your identity is your full and entire responsibility;

-the User agrees to compensate Purple Lime for all resulting damages directly or indirectly caused to the Service;

– your User Content can be used by other Users on the Service but the Purple Lime Foundation is not responsible for any mistakes, omissions or results that could be obtained from poor usage of your User Content.  A User who uses the User Content of another User should, at the very least, indicate the author’s pseudonym and source. He is responsible for making sure that the User Content is in conformity with copyright laws.

The User agrees that his User Content will not infringe upon the legitimate interests of any third party. As such, the User agrees to cover Purple Lime for liability in respect of claims, based directly or indirectly on the User’s writings and/or data, by any person who is likely to bring suit against Purple Lime.  He agrees in particular to take responsibility for the payment of sums, however much they are, resulting from a third party claim against Purple Lime, including the legal fees and court expenses.

By using the Service, the User agrees to immediately notify Purple Lime of any content that does not entirely comply with the GTU and the existing laws and regulations. The User should send an email to Purple Lime at legal@purplelime.org

All of the publications can be automatically referenced by various search engines on the Internet.

The Service allows the insertion of hypertext links to websites edited and/or managed by third parties. Insofar as no control is exercised over these external resources, the User recognizes that the Purple Lime Foundation assumes no responsibility related to the availability of these resources and cannot be held responsible for their content, practices, functioning etc.

Moderation of content

User Content moderation occurs retroactively and does not necessarily take place automatically. Thus, content is published immediately and any possible moderation takes place after publication.

Moderators may evaluate your messages and reserve the right to delete any or all of them, without advance warning or explanation.

The role of the moderator is in particular to make sure that Users and the Visitors conform to the present GTU and Ethical Charter of the Purple Lime Foundation.  The moderator oversees conformity with current laws and rules but the user has the ultimate responsibility for conformity with the current laws and rules.

The moderator reserves the right to temporarily or permanently ban a User from using the Service.

Contributions will be systematically removed if their content is:

-contrary to public order, good character and the Ethical Charter of Purple Lime;

-abusive, defamatory, racist, xenophobic, revisionist or detrimental to the honour or reputation of others

– an incitement to discrimination, hatred toward a person or group of people because of their origin, their membership or non-membership to a specific ethnic group, nation, gender, race or religion;

-threatening to a person or to a group of people;

-a citation of a brand, Internet website or commercial services (in particular when these citations are recurring and/or could constitute subverted advertising).

Intellectual property

The website https://www.purplelime.org  and all of its content (text, photographs, illustrations, pictures, logos, documents etc; including publications on the Service) are protected by International Law, Mauritius and South African Law. All rights are property of Purple Lime NPC Ltd.

The content published on the website for Purple Lime is protected by copyright and Intellectual Property law. Its reproduction or circulation, without explicit written permission from the Purple Lime constitutes an infringement of copyright that is liable to criminal prosecution.  All unauthorized reproductions of the Purple Lime brand, its logo and distinguishing symbols constitute an infringement of copyright that is liable to criminal prosecution.

The User expressly and graciously yields all intellectual property rights regarding User Content to Purple Lime and in particular the right of reproduction, representation and adaptation for the legal duration of copyright protection.

Purple Lime reserves the right to delete all or part of the User Content, at any moment and for any reason, without warning or explanation. The User may not seek to make any claim in this regard.

Changes to the present privacy statement

Purple Lime may make changes to the GTU at any time without reservation.  If a substantial change of importance is made to the GTU, Purple Lime will inform the Users of this change either by email or on its website.

Users are advised to regularly check the updated GTU. In continuing to use the Service after changes have been made, the User accepts legal responsibility for such changes and/or updates.

Place of jurisdiction

The copyright laws, applicable to content and data transmission on and about the website, are determined by Mauritius law.

In case of a dispute which cannot be resolved amiably, the competent place of jurisdiction is Port Louis, Mauritius.

Addresses and additional information

Purple Lime NPC Ltd

Rue de la Colline, Morcellement Raffray, Point aux Canonniers, Mauritius

Email : legal@purplelime.org