Competitions Arranged By Purple Lime

As part  of the community inclusion drive of Purple Lime, regular competitions and fun subscription activities are arranged by our excellent team of volunteers and trainees. This way we get to interact with the people who make everything possible for the young people we work with. 

Follow us on our social media channels to make sure you don’t miss a notice. Some of these competitions are sponsored by our amazing partners and missing a notification would be disappointing. You might just find yourself published in one of the Purple Lime news channels or maybe receiving free training or business registration support and mentored guidance from one of the Purple Lime Partners!

We look forward to seeing your next entry!

Competition Procedure

Please note that each competition might have terms and conditions specific to that opportunity. We encourage every entrant to make sure they are aware of these rules to avoid disappointments when subscribing.

The important thing to remember  is that this is a fun space and complaints, rudeness and any negative attitude towards Purple Lime or any of the contestants or partners will not be tolerated!

Lets have fun!

Our Competitions 

Follow us on your favorite social channel to make sure you do not miss the next competition. For ease of reference, visit the competition page you want to subscribe to or follow!

Latest Competitions :

Apr 14, 2021

Purple Lime Logo Competition

  Art & Culture

Become a design icon by designing...

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